My 1st Old School New Body Workout – Initial thoughts

Well, I’ve just recovered from my 1st Old School New Body workout and I’m exhausted.  I can see why it says you don’t need an aerobic session as this workout is an aerobic and weight training session in one.  I used the F4X (Focus for Exercise) Shape routine which the intermediate/advanced program, there is also the Lean routine for beginners and some intermediates and also a very advanced program.  I’ll be explaining a lot more about these and the whole course including the nutrition section, supplement section and everything else in my main review in around 2 weeks time.  I don’t want to do a full review until I have been using the system for a while as it wouldn’t be fair on the writers or my readers.

OK, back to my initial thoughts after my 1st workout.  This workout took around 50 minutes to complete and was one of the most exhausting workouts I’ve done in a long while.  The way this system works is that you rest for only a short period between sets and with each rep, you take 1 second on the lift part and 3 seconds when lowering the weight.  Using this technique you absolutely exhaust the muscle and get a great pump as well as getting a cardio workout as well.  You may want to lower the amount of sets or try the Lean routine first if you are fairly new to weight training as it is a hard workout.  I felt the body parts I trained had definitely got a good workout.

As well as a weight training section there is also a very interesting nutrition part.  Now by diet is pretty good and I do know a lot about nutrition (I have a degree in it), but I have learnt some useful things from the Old School New Body program and have also started to implement them.  Too early to tell if they have made any difference yet although I do feel more energetic.

Like I said earlier I’m going to keep using this workout and will write a full review in a couple weeks to see what differences I have noticed and see how my physique has changed.  If in the meantime there is anything I can help you with, please contact me or if you would like some more in-depth information please Click Here to visit the Official Old School New Body website.

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